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Common Fallacies


This is where we set the ground rules and arm you with the basic tools of logic and reason that we think you will use to further your own odyssey of the mind.  The topics below include common fallacies that every critical thinker should be able to recognize.  This is a living page, so please email us with suggestions.

  • argumentum ad hominem
  • argumentum ad antiquitatem
  • argumentum ad ignorantiam
  • argumentum ad logicam
  • argumentum ad misecricordiam
  • argumentum ad nauseum
  • argumentum ad numerum
  • argumentum ad populum
  • argumentum ad verecundiam
  • non sequitur
  • circulus in demonstrando
  • causation
  • correlation
  • straw man
  • slothful induction

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