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No More Open Season on Reason

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idea dude“Talk is cheap! Why don’t you do something about it?”

These are the wise words of my best friend and most trusted advisor, my wife.  What would prompt such terse yet directed advice you may ask?  Well, quite frankly she was most likely tired of listening to me moan and complain about how our wonderful community seemed to be exhibiting an increase in scientific illiteracy, historical illiteracy…dare I say, just plain old illiteracy?

And as much as I had tried to “manage” my frustration at this observation by, for example, removing myself from my acquaintance’s and even some of my friend’s Facebook feeds (the ones who consistently regurgitate misquotes or untruths), and by avoiding news outlets with known ideological biases, I still couldn’t seem to avoid it.

I would drive down our bucolic roadways and marvel at the number of Paul (evolution is lies straight from the pit of hell) Broun signs that kept popping up like big ugly scientifically stunted mushrooms and I would just complain. I would read a letter to the editor of the Marietta Daily Journal taking issue with the overwhelming scientific consensus on global warming and fume at the writer’s abject incomprehension of the scientific method, and again, I would just complain. And so it went.

So how does one who enjoys writing and debating go about doing “something about it?”  One does not simply show up at the various editors’ desks of large national magazines and demand their work be published. One does not email blast the producers of international news shows and expect to be invited on as guests for spirited discussions. Alas, one has to do a little bit of work first.

For me that bit of work involves conversations (written and spoken) which champion the cause of “reason.”   So honey, here it is. A salvo in the battle to make our neighborhood, our state, and our country a more reasonable, rational place. Thanks for the push!


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