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The Age of Things

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This post is as much for my benefit as it is anything else.  I’ve spent a couple of hours piecing together the various ages of things that I think are pretty darn awesome.  Estimates here are of course based on the latest science. Enjoy!

  • Age of Universe: 13.75 Billion Years
  • Age of Milky Way: 13.2 Billion Years
  • Age of the Sun: 4.57 Billion Years
  • Age of Earth: 4.54 Billion Years
  • RNA on Earth: 4.1 Billion Years
  • Prokaryotes on Earth: 3.8 Billion Years
  • Photosynthesis on Earth: 3.5 Billion Years
  • Eukaryotes on Earth: 1.85 Billion Years
  • Sexual Reproduction on Earth: 1.2 Billion Years
  • Multicellular Life on Earth: 1.2 Billion Years
  • Cambrian Explosion on Earth: 580 Million Years
  • Arthropods on Earth: 570 Million Years
  • First Animal Footprints on Land: 530 Million Years
  • Plants Move on to Land: 434 Million Years
  • Dinosaurs and Mammals on the Scene: 225 Million Years
  • Tyrannosaurus Roars: 68 Million Years
  • Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event (bye bye Dinosaurs, make room for more mammals): 65.5 Million Years
  • Earliest Primate Ancestor: 65 Million Years
  • New World Monkeys (long tails) and Catarrhini: 30 Million Years
  • Catarrhini splits in to Old World Monkeys and apes (Hominoidae): 25 Million Years
  • Hominoidae splits in to Great Apes and Lesser Apes: 15 Million Years
  • Speciation within Great Apes launches lines toward Gorillas (10 Million Years), and our common ancestor with Chimpanzees (7 Million Years)
  • Strong Evidence for Bipedalism in Australopithecus afarensis (3.6 Million Years)
  • Homo habilis and First Stone Tools (2.33 Million Years)
  • Homo erectus (1.8 Million Years)
  • Homo ergaster Controls Fire (1.5 Million Years)
  • Homo heidelbergensis Leaves Footprints in Italy  (600 Thousand Years)
  • Homo sapiens (200 Thousand Years)
  • Homo sapiens Leave Africa (100 Thousand Years)
  • Homo sapiens Arrive in Australia and Europe (40 Thousand Years)
  • Neanderthal Extinct (25 Thousand Years)
  • Homo sapiens Become Last Man Standing (12 Thousand Years)
  • Agricultural Society Develops (10 Thousand Years)
  • Epic of Gilgamesh Written in Mesopotamia (4,150 Years)

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