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Fighting “crazy” with “reason” in the Op-Eds

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I’ve found myself inspired by a tweet from Michael Shermer (whose book, The Believing Brain, I’m still reading by the way – sheesh now that I don’t fly any more I need to figure out how to effectively step away from the internet and crack open my books every once in a while – but that’s a different post altogether), or rather a couple of tweets quoting University of Lethbridge geography professor Dan Johnson.

Dan wrote a post in the “Public Professor” column of the Lethbridge Herald called Healthy skepticism is a useful tool that got Michael’s attention and then Michael quoted Dan’s follow up advice which I think is awesome!

 “I am a believer in people trying to influence their local communities, and maybe contribute to the healthy skepticism the typical person. I think if every skeptic did that, in a thousand local newspapers, we would be ahead.”

And there it was, “in a thousand local newspapers.” In other words, we skeptics and freethinkers can’t simply roll over and give up the op-ed sections and the letters to the editor sections to the nut jobs, the conspiracy theorists, the theocrats, etc.

We have to fill those newspaper columns and those online comment sections with reason, logic, science, facts, and compassion whenever we get the opportunity.

Write on friends!


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